Literature Review Protocol Published

The protocol for HiSLAC’s systematic review of seven day services literature has been published in the Systematic Reviews Journal.

‘The magnitude and mechanisms of the weekend effect in hospital admissions: A protocol for a mixed methods review incorporating a systematic review and framework synthesis’ establishes the procedures that will be used in the evaluation of existing research.

“Growing literature has demonstrated that patients admitted to hospital during weekends tend to have less favourable outcomes, including increased mortality, compared with similar patients admitted during weekdays” explain the authors.

“Major policy interventions such as the 7-day services programme in the NHS have been initiated to reduce this weekend effect, although the mechanisms behind the effect are unclear. Here, we propose a mixed methods review to systematically examine the literature surrounding the magnitude and mechanisms of the weekend effect.”

The study forms part of the second phase of the HiSLAC (‘High-intensity Specialist Led Acute Care’) project. The full protocol can be found here:

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