We are offering consultants and senior registrars in adult acute medical specialities the opportunity to participate in the HiSLAC project as expert case record reviewers.

HiSLAC is funded by the NIHR to evaluate 7-day services with a particular focus on consultant staffing of acute hospitals. The project is endorsed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the NHS Confederation, and NHS England.

One of the key aims of the project is to evaluate quality of care of adult patients admitted to hospital at weekends and on weekdays, using retrospective case record review. We would like the reviews to be undertaken by consultants and senior registrars (ST5 and above) in acute medical specialities.

Twenty hospitals are each providing us with 200 digitised case records of the first seven days of a patient’s stay in hospital. The aim of the case record review is to determine whether or not there were errors in care during the first seven days following emergency admission (most admissions will be much shorter than this). If one or more errors are detected, the reviewer will provide a brief description, classify the error, determine whether or not it caused an adverse event, and determine preventability, before providing a global judgment on quality of care received by the patient.

The reviews will need to be performed between January and July 2018. Each reviewer will undertake to review 60 anonymised case records online. We do not expect each review to take longer than two hours. The work can be done from home via a link to our secure server. There is a payment of £10 per completed record (£600 for 60 reviews), and we will arrange for CPD points to be offered through the Royal Colleges. All reviewers will be named as collaborators in eventual publications.

Reviewers will need to attend a half-day training session in late autumn, at least one of which will be in London. Travelling expenses will be covered. Permission must be obtained from the employing Trust, either as study leave or professional leave.

For further information please contact the Chief Investigator, Professor Julian Bion, at: . Please include ‘HiSLAC Case Record Review’ in the subject line.

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