Deadline extended for Directorate Level Questionnaire

The deadline has been extended for Trusts across England to submit information on seven day services. HiSLAC’s Directorate Level Questionnaire is designed to gather non-personalised information about specialist contractual commitments to weekday and weekend service provision.

The deadline for returning the information is now January 1st.

Earlier this year almost 16,000 consultants and associate specialists, representing more than 85 per cent of English NHS Acute Trusts took part in the first HiSLAC Point Prevalence Survey. The survey asked if individuals were delivering direct patient care on two given days: Sunday 15 and Wednesday 18 June. Information from the Directorate Level Questionnaire will complement this information, and build a clearer picture of service levels.

For more information on the Directorate Level Questionnaire please contact your Trust’s HiSLAC lead or Cassie Aldridge, HiSLAC project manager at [email protected] , Amunpreet Boyal, HiSLAC Research Fellow at [email protected]

Published: Wednesday, 10 December 2014